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The folks over at the Road so curvy many would even call it Winding have made spy photog Brenda Priddy a little bit more monied today β€” buying shots of what she claims is the new-look Jaguar S-type. True, what you see before you, and in further detail at Sheryl Crow's fave site, appears to be little more than a 2006 Jaguar S-type with a bit of a new nosecone. Priddy suggests that this is but a mule for FoMoCo's "Team Jaguar" to test out the next-gen kitty's new engine. We'll let Priddy take it from here:

This prototype was photographed near Jaguar's German engineering center, close to the N rburgring circuit. This is what's known as a "cooling mule" - where the front of the new car is grafted onto the current model. Under the hood is a prototype set-up of the new engine and cooling system.

And although they've got that front-end well-covered until the 2008 debut in Europe and 2009 debut in the US, Priddy's folks have gladly provided a p-shop for you to feast your eyes on β€” a p-shop we might add that looks mighty different from the one on the cover of AutoWeek a few weeks back. Dueling p-shops and more, via the link below.


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