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In this week's missive, AutoWeek's gone into high speculation mode regarding the next-generation Jaguar S-Type. They say (and frankly, they're not wrong) the success of the next S will likely determine Jag's fate. Considering the buckets of bucks Ford's poured over the cat in recent years, full envelopes had better start finding their way to the back room. AW says the next models will abandon styling tropes of the past and stake out new ground, led by design capos Ian "The Iron Pentagraph" Callum and henchman Julian "India Ink" Thompson.

The new model, due in 2008, AW says, have a steel monocoque, though the hood and trunk lid will likely be aluminum. It'll also sport a new 5.0-liter V8 producing in the 350-hp range. Judging from a published spec illustration, it seems looking to the Aston Martin Rapide for an approximation of the new model may not be the worst advice in the world.


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