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As Robert Ottoboni's rushed his dog to the Vet at over 100MPH, he lost control, striking an Isuzu Amigo which rolled, causing a 4-year-old inside to sustain serious facial injuries. Ottoboni then fled the scene... for the Vet.


Take the driving stupidity in the story of Muhammet Dirlik and amplify it about a thousand times and you have the actions of Robert Ottoboni. Ottoboni's dog was struck outside his Olympia, Washington home by a passing car. He responded as most loving pet owners would and decided to rush his dog to the vet. This is where Ottoboni's actions left the plane of reason.


As he was speeding through the streets of Olympia at over 100 MPH, he lost control of his car, which swerved into oncoming traffic and struck an Isuzu Amigo, which rolled as a result of the collision. Inside the Amigo was a driver, 30, one child passenger, 10, and another boy aged 4. Due to the collision and rollover the 4-year-old sustained what's described as "serious facial injuries." One would imagine, having caused a rollover accident you'd at the very least stop and check on the passengers of the vehicle you were responsible for rolling. Not Robert Ottoboni, he instead took off and kept heading for the vet, that's where Washington State Troopers caught up with him and placed him, rightfully, under arrest for felony hit-and-run and vehicular assault and tossed him in the slammer with $40,000 bail.

The dog died anyway. [KomoNews]

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