Spec'ing the 2008 Mercedes GLK

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Germany's AutoBild offers a homegrown vision of the upcoming small SUV from Mercedes — now expected to be dubbed GLK. The BMW X3-fighter, which AB says is coming in 2008, will likely be a soft roader fitted with more luxury mojo than stump-pulling prowess, with power coming from Merc's six-cylinder stable. New underpinnings, which engineers are calling the "direct control chassis," promise less body roll, a tighter turning radius and more responsive steering. No word on a US release of the GL-Class's smaller brother (originally thought to be tagged an M-Class), but we'd imagine 2009 is as good a guess as any.

Vorschau Mercedes GLK (translated) [AutoBild]

Mercedes to Focus on Small SUV for 2008; Spy Photos: Mercedes MLK [internal]


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