Sparing For Change, Sucking for Gas

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We've been missing the East Bay a lot lately. Despite the fact that we got fed up with the rents and all of the scene drama (both in the auto and punk arenas) and ended up in Los Angeles (San Pedro is part of the City of LA, although we generally try to pretend it isn't) via Texas, we'll probably always consider it our real home. And of course, the Bay's got some of the most ridiculous gas prices in the nation, despite the presence of so many refineries. (Benicia! Represent!) To combat that, some citizens have been boosting the fortunes of aftermarket gas-cap manufacturers by siphoning the fuel from cars in BART commuter-train parking lots. Needless to say, working men are pissed.

Gas Thieves Target BART Parking Lots [ABC 7]

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