The one positive we gas guzzlers can think of about gas prices is the fertile ground it provides for politickin' โ€” for midwestern Governor and federal electeds alike. That's why we totally loved the "behind the scenes" story the WaPo's throwing down today on the big Dem gas price presser yesterday. You've probably seen it cause it was on like every news show last night (and above) โ€” and the same point was made on those very same news shows (as made above) โ€” Dems walked to the gas station on Capitol Hill and railed against the big bad Republicans. And you know, that makes sense, cause everyone knows about the Republican cabal against low gas prices. Problem is, how did the Senators get home from the presser? Acha! Ironically they were driven โ€” but in what type of vehicle? Now that's a good question. The WaPo has the answer โ€” and not wanting to give too much of it away, let's just say the irony is dripping like sweet, sweet crude. But real irony would be the lack of a mention about the President's presser excursion earlier in the day โ€” but fear not, our Wonky Washington sister/brother/senator has all the ironic'n oily details.

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