Illustration for article titled Sorry, Gringo, No Baby Pickups For You: Volkswagen Nuevo Saveiro

What's the smallest pickup you can buy new in the USA? The 3,000-plus-pound Ranger? If that's more truck than you need, you'll have no choice but to shop for a pre-Cupholder Era used truck… or move to Mexico!


As I learned when I was down in Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos last week, you can buy yourself a gleaming new VW Nuevo Saveiro that scales in at a mere 2,250 pounds. Its 101-horse 1600cc engine sips gas, it fits in tight parking spaces, and it sells for just under $13,000. Based on the Brazilian-designed Gol, the Nuevo Saveiro shares plenty of genetics with the Foxes and Polos of Europe. Sure, it's front-wheel-drive, but that works just fine in the real world of cartrucks.
[Volkswagen de México]

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