I spent a few days in the beach town of Sayulita, Nayarit State, Mexico last week. Talk about your outstanding mix of battered-yet-proud survivors and Stuff We Can't Buy Up Here! Let's take a look.

I was there to attend 24 Hours of LeMons Chief Perp Jay Lamm's wedding, which meant it was time for the LeMons Supreme Court to don the appropriate United Fruit Company-grade garments and sample the local beverages. When I wasn't stuffing my face with excellent tamales and/or tequila, I was scouring the streets for interesting vehicles to photograph.


It goes without saying that you'll find many examples of El Vocho in Mexico. I saw plenty of crypto-Baja-ized air-cooled machinery clattering down various dirt roads.

I only saw one (non-Jeep) AMC product, but it was a winner.


Ford Tempo Fanatic will be pleased to know that his favorite car was sold as a "Ford Topaz" in Mexico; the Crown Victoria is a "Ford Grand Marquis" down there as well.

How about a Pontiac Matiz? It's actually a rebadged Daewoo, and it caused all of the LeMons HQ staff members to do huge double-takes the first time we saw one.