GIF via Zev Kindig

Why, is that a nice patch of open dirt? Is it smooth? Inviting? Open for the donutting? Do you also happen to have a fine vintage German sportscar that is yearning to spin its tires? I think you know what to do. 

My 944's suspension bits are getting long in the tooth. I’ve determined that I must rallycross it as a proper send-off before installing different shocks and struts—or at least go for a good rip in the dirt.

This, however, is not my 944. It’s a video posted by Zev Kindig. However, if you also have a 944—or any car, for that matter—please take it in the dirt.

Is there anything with quite the healing powers of a good blast through the dirt? I can’t think of anything that makes me giggle quite as fast as getting something dirty and sideways.