My God, This Guy Off-Roads His 1950s Porsche

Photo Credit: Jeremy Heslup. See more of his pictures on Flickr here.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Heslup. See more of his pictures on Flickr here.

Old Porsches got their legend status because they’re simple, they’re durable, and they’re great driving machines. But now that everyone has figured that out, everyone wants one. And now that everyone wants one, old Porsches have gotten crazy expensive. And now that they’re crazy expensive, people preserve them more and drive them less. But not this one.


The Porsche 356, the first production effort from the independent company and the predecessor to the 911, was as good of a car as Porsche could make at the time.

But that wasn’t much.

It was a light little car, but still sturdy and roomy. They were built with the limited resources Porsche had, and they were built for the rough roads at the time.

That’s why owner Matt Hummel doesn’t mind taking his barn-find 356 across the 4x4 trails of Southern California. Porsche speculators might tear their hair out at the sight of some dirt on their air-cooled investments, but Hummel’s 356 is doing what it was designed to do over half a century ago. Watch the short film from Praemio above and hear him explain why.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I’d rather any vehicle be driven, than become a garage-queen. Good on him.