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Who has time to swap a jet engine into anything? Just strap that sucker to your back and get moving. Ski Cross world champion Filip Flisar’s jetpack is capable of propelling him to speeds of up to 75 mph on skis. That’ll permanently embed a few flies in your beard for sure.

As a person with a lifelong fear of skiing, this simultaneously looks pretty fun and also like a good way to get rekt. I might stick to cars. But for those who are willing to just be the drag Beetle chassis that you always wanted to hold a jet engine, this is a perfectly insane way to get home in time for dinner.


According to Red Bull, Flisar’s custom jetpack pacts 88 lbs of thrust, and its 96,000 revolutions per minute rain down shame on even the highest-revving Formula One engine. Skydiving harnesses were adapted to keep everything in place, which is good, as it reaches up to 1,562° F in there.


That’s a small risk to take if you really want to go fast and feel true speed. Convertibles only put the wind through your hair (and your hair in your mouth, should you have any hair). This puts the wind through your whole body, man.

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