Someone's Actually Using A Honda Africa Twin Properly

(Image Credit: William Gloege/YouTube
(Image Credit: William Gloege/YouTube

The 2016 Honda Africa Twin arrived with a whole lot of flash and fanfare. Here was a large, cool-looking adventure bike you could pick up from a dealership and ride around the world. One person’s actually doing that, and documenting their adventure online.

William Gloege appears to be a travel and motorcycle enthusiast like a lot of us. Except, he’s already logged at least one international adventure ride, according to his vlog, on a Kawasaki KLR650.

That bike’s been a go-to for ultra long range riders for its durability. (It’s damn sure not for its speed, I can promise you that.) But the KLR has been around forever and has already been proven as an honest overlander.


The Africa Twin is still fairly new, and while reviews and early reports have been overwhelmingly positive, I think seeing a saga of one being tested in the field on a wild global ride is pretty cool.

That’s why I’ve been digging Gloege’s new vlog, documenting his solo travels on his new basically-stock Africa Twin around the world. Here’s his update after more than 30,000 hard miles:

Gloege’s vlog does not have the production value or energy of a Gymkhana or Dust 2 Glory, but I really like the casual honesty of this adventure. It’s just a guy on a bike, slicing through incredible places at a tourist’s pace.

Whether you want to live vicariously through this guy or just see how well an Africa Twin really holds up in rough stuff, this is worth checking out.

Hat tip to Scott!

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Ooooh, such fun.

BTW, two items:

1, Honda is reportedly considering a smaller Africa Twin, which is a great idea. I demoed the bike when it came out, and as great as it was, it trigged every single nightmare I have about picking up a tall heavy bike every time I drop it. Getting an Africa Twin, Jr. in the 700cc range with corresponding less weight would be most welcome (that said, I still lust after Yamaha’s T7... GIVE IT TO ME).

2, speaking of round-the-world trips, I forget if you guys ever did a writeup of Elspeth Beard’s “Lone Rider”. I recently devoured that book during a (far shorter) bike trip, it’s great reading.