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Someone Wants To Enter A Smart In The Dakar Rally

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Don't give your change to that homeless man! Take back the five bucks you gave to that orphanage! There's a team trying to enter a Smart car into the grueling Dakar Rally and they need your money.

Yes, the team behind this Smart buggy needs $22,552 (€ 17,000) to enter into the 2013 running of what might be the most tortuous offroad race in the world. It's like they were reading our diary when we wrote about how the Smart would make a great dune buggy.


The car appears to be based off of a Polaris 900 XP and is partnered with Feber, a Spanish toy company. The driver, José Luis Álvarez, is from the southernmost piece of Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar on Africa.


Surely, if there is anyone or anything deserving of your charity, it is this team.

(Hat tip to Otto_theCroatiankid!)