Someone Made An RC Classic Porsche 911 Safari And It's Perfect

Cars that are not supposed to go off-road, made to look off-roady, are so hot right now. Who can blame us for going nuts over a Porsche 911 on all-terrain tires, though? The absurdity is just too delightful. But if you can’t bare to rip up a real one for Fury Road, this small-scaled version is pretty sweet.


Jalopnik’s resident car buying expert Tom McParland showed me trialpsycho_rc’s small-scale 911 Safari creation here, then complained that he couldn’t buy one for “his kids.” Sure, Tom. This toy is far too glorious a work of art to be bestowed upon children and you know it!

I’m a little sad I can’t buy one too, but that kind of makes it cooler. The uploader of these images seems to have custom-made the thing themselves. The off-road Porsche body is apparently grafted onto a Tamiya TT01R remote control car.

Instagram user trialpsycho_rc’s whole feed is full of awesome little RCs, and their YouTube channel has clips of the machines in motion.

I haven’t owned an RC car in a long time but I love looking at them, and these images are really making me miss them.

Obviously we all like to drive, but I think it’s pretty cool that creativity in the car world comes in all kinds of sizes.


Hopefully we’ll see some of this Safari Porsche in action. Looks like a GoPro would fit on that roof rack, right?

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Come on, Andrew, to you really think Tom was going to give that to his kids? Tom wants to buy this for himself! And he wants to put it in a glass case, lock it up and throw away the key so no one gets to touch it!

Tamiyas are already expensive, but so what? If I had the money, I’d buy one myyself and lock it up. What’s one more model to the collection?