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Some Nutjob Entered A Mercedes-AMG G63 In A Ukrainian Off-Road Competition

Illustration for article titled Some Nutjob Entered A Mercedes-AMG G63 In A Ukrainian Off-Road Competition
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One owner entered a recent Ukrainian truck trial in a Beverly Hills-grade Mercedes-AMG G63 and, shockingly, did not immediately fail.


The G63 is a hilarious(ly bad) truck because it takes what would otherwise be one of the most capable off-road platforms (the 1970s military-derived Mercedes Geländewagen) and makes it completely useless with a giant twin-turbo V8 and street tires. But as this video turned up by Top Gear’s Rowan Horncastle shows, in the post-Soviet East, these are mere inconveniences.

Sure the truck needed a tow at one point, but that was just because the thing didn’t have a sufficiently mean approach angle. No amount of good driving was going to get the truck up that stream bank:

You can watch more how the G63 compared to other competitors in this fuller event video:

I somehow hope that this encourages at least one other G63 (or G65!) owner to give some off-road competition a try. Hell, the Mint 400's not too far from Hollywood.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I still want a fucking G63 6x6 technical.

Laser-guided M134 minigun (with thermal sight) mounted on the bed...

...and a 40mm GMG (also with thermal sight) mounted on the roof.

EDIT: I think I got this the other way around. The GMG should be on the bed, while the minigun is on the roof.