Some Jackass Stole A Really Rare Terlingua Mustang

Stealing anyone's car makes you an awful person, and reserves you a special seat on that bus to hell where they do terrible things to your anus. But stealing a rare, one-of-38-ever-made car is not just awful, it's stupid. And that's what happened to this Terlingua Mustang.


This 2008 Shelby-modified Terlingua Mustang was stolen from a self-storage facility in Spring, TX, along with its trailer. Here's the full lowdown from the owner:

The theft occurred at 7:00am, Friday, Feb 28th from CubeSmart Storage, 1220 Spring Stuebner Road, Spring, TX. There were two people in a late model, dark, probably black, Ford Crew Cab pickup. In 3 minutes they pulled in, broke the ball lock and tongue lock, hooked up and pulled out. The Terlingua was inside a 2011 24' black Cargo Craft enclosed trailer. The trailer had the large TRT sign on the back. It all shows up in the photos.

The car is an '08. The Shelby number is 08TRT0403

There's a $2500 reward being offered, and as you can imagine, the owner is pretty desperate to get his beloved, rare car back. With a car as rare as this one, you'd think it'd be pretty hard to sell without anyone noticing. So, let's all keep our eyes open, especially fellow Jalops around the Houston area.


As always, thanks, and let's see if we can't get this car back!

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