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When Williamson County, Ill. firefighters saw one of their trucks overturned in a ditch, they feared that one of their compadres had gotten into a wreck and might have been hurt.


But the 22-year-old who crashed the truck was neither a compadre nor seriously injured. He was just some asshole who decided to steal a fire truck.

Police are pretty sure he got into the fire station by pushing an air conditioning unit into the building and climbing in through the hole. He then opened a bay door and took off in a 2011 model fire truck valued at nearly $300,000. Unfortunately, Williamson County's fire department didn't plan on falling prey to this kind of asshattery, and is down a truck until they can afford to replace the broken one. The fire chief told KFVS12 that they'll be using a 1987 fire truck for anywhere from three months to a year in the interim.


Police haven't released the thief's name, but he's in jail, safe from any angry mobs that would be well justified in tarring, feathering, and riding him out of town on a rail.

Photo credit: KFVS12

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