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Some Crazy Bastard Entered A Porsche 911 GT3 In The Monte Carlo Rally

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Porsche 911 entered the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time since 1986. Here's how the car fared, and here's a bunch of videos of it sliding through the tarmac/snow/ice rally.


The crazy bastard in question is Belgian Marc Duez. How crazy is M. Duez? Back in that aforementioned year of 1986, Dez was rallying a Group B Metro 6R4, which was basically an updated Mini with 3/4ths of a Formula One engine in the back seats.

How did Duez enter the 2014 Monte? He raced in the RGT class, which allows for all kinds of RWD sports cars, not the least of which being the Lotus Exige. And where did Duez's car come from? He explained it all to Best of Rallye Live.

My car is based on a 996 Cup and was built a few years ago," he says. "Back then, 10 cars were lifted from the Porsche production line for the Belgian Rally Championship where they were authorised to compete. This is one of those cars and it was bought by Fly Motorsport.


How did Duez do? Not awful! It had decent pace, but retired midway through the rally with mechanical issues. here's a bunch of spectators trying to keep Duez going as his car suffers:

See? Everybody loves rear-drive rally!