Today we talked about how external turn signal indicators are the next big thing in car customization. The discussion took a slightly more explosive turn for the better.

Reader sammyjay noticed that trafficators could pose some problems...problems that could be solved with Mercedes SLS AMG roof hinge explosives.

Problem: living in a cold climate and the damn things stay frozen shut

Solution: explosive hinges, SLS door style

Problem: Vandals with scotch tape

Solution: explosive hinges, SLS door style

Reader jeepfall then asked the logical follow-up question.

Explosives: is there anything they can't fix or improve?

Reader sammyjay took up the challenge.

For whatever reason, the first thing that came to my mind was household appliances. upon further thought the following items could absolutely use explosives:

toasters: my toaster has the lamest springs ever seen

fridge: the doors are vacuum sealed, i swear

freezer: the automatic ice maker seems to enjoy taunting me with 5 pound blocks of ice cubes

dishwasher: never have a little bit of water left standing in the bowls again!

dryer: express drying

hot water heater: instant hot water when you step in the shower every morning

toilets/sinks: clogs are a thing of the past with mini depth charges

air compressor: in a rush? need your tires pumped up quickly? BAM

What other things would be improved with explosives? We've had some fairly poor uses of explosives in the past few months, so I think they could use a re-imagination. I'm thinking explosive flowers would be a great way to spice up the staid world of gardening.