So If This Is In Here, What's In The Other Car?

Engine swaps can be hilarious. For ages now, there have been plenty of people doing crazy stuff like squeezing Chevy V8s into RWD Volvo wagons and propulsion from a Hayabusa in the back of a Smart. But the Porsche 911 powered by a Toyota Echo engine takes it. It's just the most ridiculously fantastic one.


Of course, this begs the question that JayHova happened to ask:

Does this mean that there's a Porsche-engined Toyota Echo somewhere out there?

m4ximusprim3 has the answer:

Found it

And then The Devil Drives a Rotary:

More likely the head studs pulled out of the 2.7L engine (Input "Porsche 2.7L engine problems" into Google) and the cylinder heads were then free of their shackles and ran away for freedom. So somewhere there are two Porsche cylinder heads on the lam, sitting on the beach sipping margaritas and enjoying their freedom.


Good job, everyone. But now I'm thinking of a Saab 96 out there with a B235R and a 9-3 Viggen running around with the Ford V4. Wouldn't that be awesome/awful?

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