Semi Truck Drags Minivan For 16 Miles In Snowblind Nightmare Crash

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A family in Michigan called 911 yesterday morning to relay about as horrifying a winter driving situation as I can imagine. They were trapped in their minivan, stuck onto the bumper of a semi truck that didn't know they were there.

ABC News reports that the semi dragged the minivan for 16 miles before the police could intercept the pair of vehicles and bring them to a stop.


Here is the family's call relaying this nightmarish case of what can go wrong in the snow.

"It was snow blinding. We ran into the back of a semi-truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it," the caller from the minivan said. "Our windshields have completely shattered. I can't see nothing."

"I just want to get off the back of this thing," the caller added.

All four occupants of the crashed minivan were hospitalized, but no one was seriously injured.

Never drive past what you can see, particularly in the midst of winter.

(Hat tip to SilverPantherIsSilver)

Photo Credits: Roscommon County Sheriff Office