Snow BikeCross is the Raddest Part of The Winter X Games

Screenshot: X Games

This is the third year of Snow BikeCross being included in the winter X Games. It’s gradually grown into my favorite segment of the event. Motocross is rad during the Summer X Games, but adding a set of tracks to the back of the bike, and a ski/sled thing to replace the front wheel makes it just a touch more rad. It’s a lot cooler on these bikes than when Nissan does it.


The Winter X Games have been held in Aspen, Colorado since 2002, and it’s always a joy. Winter sports are a ton of fun to watch, if a little too cold for my taste to participate. I might change my mind for the opportunity to participate in some snow BikeCross.

That 14 lap race had a good bit of action at the front considering how short it was, and I truly enjoyed watching it from start to checkers. Click that play button and experience the excitement of BikeCross.

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