Smart Roadster to Live on Under MG Consortium

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Following on a story we reported last November, DaimlerChrysler announced today the smart roadster would indeed live to putter asymmetrically again, under the Union Jack'd wing of "Project Kimber." Named for Cecil Kimber, the founder of MG, the Project aims to acquire the assets of MG and start churning out speedsters, among which the smart roadster may be the new Midget. DCX says papers are being drawn up to give Project Kimber the licence to "redesign, produce and sell the former smart models roadster and roadster-coup under a different brand" as part of a restructuring and "strategic realignment" of smart. Smart will also show limited editons of its last roadster and roadster-coup at the Geneva show. The first MG (or whatever) roadsters could be on the streets by 2007.

Smart Roadster and Coupe to Live? [internal]


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