Skyscraper Named After Michael Schumacher To Be Built In Abu Dhabi

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Construction on the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower in Abu Dhabi is scheduled to commence later this year. It will be the first of seven towers named after the seven-time Formula One World Champion. Now we don’t know about you, but when we think about Schumi, not only do we think “luxury residential skyscraper,” but we also think “automatic yacht parking.” Luckily the designers of the new super-scraper have our vision as the Tower will feature that, in addition to private wharfs for its first floor residents.
The Tower is being constructed by German firm ACI Real Estate, which has a deal with the former driver; the seven towers it plans to construct each represent one of Schumacher’s championships. No other locations have yet been revealed. The Abu Dhabi location will stand 787 feet tall, have 60 floors, 40 apartments and be constructed on its own island. While it’s far from the tallest or most ridiculous skyscraper in Dubai, its makers are hoping it’s Yacht access will give it a unique selling point. It’ll need one, as there’s already two tower’s named after F1 legend Niki Lauda in the Emirate. [via MotorAuthority]

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I hear they're also constructing a building in honor of Danika Patrick: