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V-Dub's highly precise Czech automaker released 2006 financial numbers today that broke the record books for the Republic's largest vehicle exporter. We already told you that sales rose 11.7% to 549,667 vehicles, with production up 12% to 556,347 vehicles. But now, on the P&L side, they also showed sharp improvements with operational profits leaping 34.5% to $677.2 million. Great news, yes, but the best news is the line from the Reuters report on the press release:

"Skoda Auto, once the butt of auto industry jokes for its reputation for producing low-quality cars during the Communist era, now has Volkswagen laughing all the way to the bank."


May we please offer up a new slogan? How about:

"Skoda: From Butt To Bank"

I kind of like that. What do you think — catchy?

Skoda Auto has record 2006 sales, production [Reuters via Automotive News]

The Production of Laughter and Forgetting: Record Skoda Numbers! [internal]

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