The Production of Laughter and Forgetting: Record Skoda Numbers!

In 2006, Skoda's Czech plants turned out a record 556,443 cars, a 12.5% jump over last year. Somewhere in Paris, Milan Kundera is dreaming up a story of two forlorn, lovelorn Beethoven-consumed factory workers who respectively install valvestems on Fabias and steering-column stalks on Octavias, obsessing over Stalin and feminine scents while dreaming of a Black Sea road-trip vacation in a Felicia Fun with only a pirated cassingle of the Shins' "Phantom Limb" stuck in the tape deck and a Vaclav Havel anthology to keep them company. We shit you not.

Skoda Auto turns out record 556,443 cars at Czech plants in 2006 [Prague Daily Mirror]


Skoda Felicia Fun Spotted Alongside Porta-Loo in Budapest [Internal]

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