Six Cities Busted For Traffic Camera Scams

Union City, California; Lubbock, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Springfield, Missouri; Dallas, Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee — you're all on notice. We already hate the idea of the omnipresent big brother handing out speeding tickets through the watchful eye of the traffic camera, but when the deck is stacked in the states' favor, it's time to call shenanigans. All six of these cities have been accused and found guilty of excessively short amber cycles on certain traffic camera equipped intersections — a convenient way to pickpocket unsuspecting drivers as they pass though an intersection.

Traffic cameras are claimed to be used to discourage running red lights, and improving public safety, even though studies are beginning to show evidence to the contrary. We'll be happy when the states figure out how to run their respective governments without traffic fines acting as unlevied taxes against the citizens. []


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