Mounting Evidence Says Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents

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Absentee policing is always a contentious issue. Those for it argue that red light cameras increase intersection safety and act as a deterrent to law breakers. Folks against them get the itchy, big-brother-is-watching feeling and then talk about due process. Well, that or they just blow the things to kingdom come. It seems evidence against red light cameras is mounting. The National Motorists Association, an organization dedicated to protecting the interests of motorists, has collected an international group of studies that point to an increase in accidents and accident severity as a result of the cameras.


Studies from the US, Canada, and Australia are cited and one in particular caught our attention. A study out of Ontario showed a 49.9% increase in property damage, and a 4.9% increase in fatalities after the installation of the cameras. If we were cynical, numbers like that would lead us to believe cameras are only there to collect revenue. []

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