Silly Helicopter Thinks It's A Car And Drives Down A Road

Ah, the former Soviet Bloc. It's like after Communism collapsed, they all got together back in the Politburo one last time, got liquored up and pledged to make as much amazing stuff for Web consumption, just as soon as the Web gets developed and popular. And boy are they doing it. Today we have a photo from Almaty, Kazakhstan of a military helicopter driving down a road.

Please note that's not towed down a road. Towing a helicopter isn't news. But a helicopter pilot deciding that, you know, I don't feel like flying today and using the motive force of the chopper to drive on a public road, well, that's some good internet right there.


There is a Lada Niva police-looking vehicle behind the chopper, so it's either an escort or attempting to pull over the helicopter. Perhaps the pilot is drunk, and he's just taking the lesser of two evils to get home? I mean, a crash at 0 feet of altitude probably won't be nearly as bad as the alternative.

Also interesting is how silly this makes all those people developing flying cars look. All you need is to slap some turn indicators on there and, boom, there's your flying car. Well, flying car and massive swirling death-blade transporter.

(Thanks, Yerzhan!)

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