Silly Brazilian VW Thinks Jungles And Streams Are Roads

What I love about this video is that there is absolutely nothing in these images that say "drive here!" Nothing. It's all thick jungle or a bubbling stream. There's nothing even like a road. And yet there's this battered Fusca that comes out of the brush like a wild boar and just plunges into the water.


I don't know the whole story here, and I'm hoping a Portuguese-speaker will kindly provide some translation for the few words said, because I'd love to know what's going on. Are those people hanging around there out hunting wild Volkswagen Type I? After the video was shot, was an arrow loosed and people feasted on roasted fender?

I really like that thud and pause as the Bug noses into the water and sticks there for a moment, almost vertical, before the driver just mashes the accelerator and drives right into a freaking stream like it was an on-ramp.

No matter why this happened, it's a pretty incredible scene, and stuff like this is a big part of my Beetle obsession.

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