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Sign The Petition To Ban The Stupid 'Check Engine' Light

Illustration for article titled Sign The Petition To Ban The Stupid Check Engine Light

As much as I love just complaining about stuff, loudly and whiningly, sometimes it's even better to actually do something. Which is exactly what we've done, regarding my screed about the need for something better than the "check engine" light.


We now have this petition up at demanding the creation of regulation to mandate descriptive fault information right in a car's dashboard.


So, please, think of your friends who don't know jack about cars, about your husbands and wives and partners and children. And your mothers. Think of your mothers, and sign this petition.


Click here to sign the petition.

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Does anyone know if there is a petition for imposing a maximum brightness and angle for low-beams? And if there is a maximum, a petition to get it lowered? My wife and I are sick of getting headaches and eye strain every time we drive at night. We can't be the only ones right?