Image from an amazing Sid Meade Honda brochure
Illustration: Flickr

Whenever I travel outside of the United States, I feel like I’m always seeing various Hondas that, for inexplicable reasons, never made it to this glorious land of near-universal free soda refills. I’m not even talking about Honda’s wonderful Kei-class cars—I mean cars that, really could have been sold here, but weren’t. So now I’m asking my fellow Americans, what denied Honda is your favorite?

Let’s make some parameters: like I said, as fabulous as the Honda N-Box Slash is, that’s just for one country only, Japan, so let’s not count those. We know why Kei-class cars will never make it here.

I’m talking about the European and Asian variations that absolutely could have done just fine in America, if Honda asked me, which, it should be noted, they didn’t. They didn’t even try, as far as I can tell.

As an example, I’ll let you know my favorite Forbidden Honda: the 1986-1989 Accord Aero Deck.


It was a shooting brake Accord, and it was wonderful. Practical, sporty, interesting, reliable—this thing had it all. Well, all except for the ability to be bought by an American citizen.


There’s so many more, though—Europe had their own versions of pretty much every Accord and Civic, for example, and they all somehow seemed cooler than the ones we got.

So, tell, me, Americans: what Honda do you pine for? And, non-Americans, feel free to gloat and make us feel bad. You know you love that shit.