Show Us Your Bookmobiles!

You know how crowds of bespectacled bookish types have been dancing in the streets and occasionally taking off their glasses and letting their hair cascade down so you realize, my God, they're beautiful, today? It's because it's National Bookmobile Day, bitches! So show us your favorite bookmobiles!

Bookmobiles actually pre-date motor vehicles, with animal-drawn wagons of brain-watering books being pulled around to little villages and towns since at least the mid-1800s. Mobile libraries took to the motoring age with great aplomb, and have never looked back. There's been all kinds of great bookmobiles over the years, some with tiny reading rooms inside, some just crammed full of books - they're all great.


So, show us the best, weirdest, most inspiring Bookmobiles you can find, and let's pay tribute to the vehicles you're least likely to be bored as a passenger in.

Unless you get carsick while reading. Then you'll be vomiting, but at least probably not bored.

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