Show Us What You're Wrenching On This Labor Day Weekend

My poor Jeep awaits its new powerplant. “Hurry up, David,” it says after sitting for over a year.

Many of us have a long weekend ahead, and that means only one thing: wrenching. Lots of wrenching. Show us the daunting projects that await you in the coming days.

I myself am down in Texas bathing in copious quantities of barbecue, trying my hardest to resist the beautiful rust-free Jeeps for sale on the local Craigslist.


But what I’ve been working on lately—and what I’ll get straight back to when I return to Detroit—is my $120 4.0-liter inline six engine, which will replace my newly refreshed and then promptly blown-up engine in my Jeep Cherokee.

So what are you working on this weekend? Show us some pictures of parts!

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