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Show Us The Weirdest Project Car Idea You've Had Lately

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: SFBay Craigslist

I’ve been sheltering in place for six weeks now. I am known in certain circles for having unorthodox and overly ambitious project car ideas, as I currently have a Porsche Boxster in my garage I’m trying to hybrid, and a Honda MB5 motorcycle I want to ton up. But lately I’m finding that the further into this quarantimes we get, my ideas get weirder. Maybe I’m not the only one. So tell me all about the weirdest project car/truck/motorcycle/snowmachine/rotorcraft idea you’ve had lately.

A few days ago, during my morning Craigslist trawl, I found this delightful 1966 Toyota Crown wagon. I would love to have this, even just as lawn art. But the ridiculous corners of my under-developed brain have me dreaming of crafting this gorgeous wagon into a proper 1960s-style gasser drag racer. Straight axle, metal flake paint, pizza cutters and giant slicks. The works.


Now, I won’t act on this particular ambition, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little mental bench racing. I’d have THE CROWN JEWEL written down the side in gold leaf. I’m picturing a yellow-tinted windshield and no side or rear glass. It’s going to need a big honkin’ motor, but I’m not partial to inter-brand swaps. While something like a 1UZ V8 or a 2JZ might be the easy way, I’d probably wait a week until someone crashes a 302-fucking-horsepower Rav4 Prime and find a way to adapt that bonkers system into this wagon! Longitudinally, natch.

I’m not much of an aviation guy, but Chuck Beck [the ex-Shelby fabricator, genius behind the SHOgun, and fiberglass kit-car builder] once told me that he was building an experimental aircraft powered by a Porsche 917 flat-twelve. Do you have a project idea that can top that? Tell me, please, I’m dying to know. The more ridiculous, the better.