Photo: Bradley Brownell

I have had this 1982 Honda MB5 for quite some time. It has a special place in my heart because I commuted on it daily for a year in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. Sadly it has been sitting idle for almost a decade, as I’ve brought it with me through four different moves, including two moves of more than 1,000 miles.


This morning I brought it out for the first time in years to give it a quick clean up ahead of Virtual Radwood tomorrow, and it actually cleaned up pretty well. It’s missing a few pieces, as I was trying for something of a cafe-style when it was last on the road.

The goal for this project has always been to source a Honda H100a motor from the UK market, and attach Vetter aerodynamics in an attempt to ton up with 100ccs. I’m a little older (read scared and fat) now, so I’m not sure it’ll be possible, but one day I’ll get around to trying. I love this ridiculous bike, and I want to see it go dumb fast. 

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