Did you attend your college’s first car meet of the school year this weekend, like I did? Did you do something else, like take your new Viper to Cars & Coffee or stay up all night scraping your knuckles? If you’ve got pictures, or stories, or both, we want to know.

This past Sunday was the first meetup for the motorist club on campus, and a lot of cool stuff turned up. Including the campus cops.

You may have done something else, and that’s just as cool. Tell us your stories and show us your pictures. We don’t get out much and this might be all we have. We also like to pity ourselves by envying your much cooler cars, habits and hobbies.

Here’s what I got from the meet (if you’re on Facebook, you should be able to scroll to the right to see the gallery):

MG C racecar

I’ve also been urged to share some photos I’ve been messing around with, trying to get panning shots through my apartment windows. I really like this voyeur style:

Now show us what you’ve got.