Performance cars with electronic help are already here. The fantastic Porsche 918 is almost ready, BMW has put through its i8 diesel-electric supercar some ice almost a year ago, and with Ferrari's Enzo replacement (whatever they will call it), plus the "97%" ready McLaren P1 also using KERS, there is no question that volts are having a great relationship with hydrocarbons.


But what about EVs? The fully electric cars which are only using fossil fuel through their wires, thanks to coal, gas and wood burning power plants? It all make sense to use the technology for going fast, with electric motors delivering maximum torque at all time, and batteries getting lighter and more and more efficient every year.

There are some promising concepts, like the beautifully British Lightning GT or Croatia's wonder child, the 1,088 horsepower Rimac GT. And there is the one which already made it, the Tesla Roadster:

Which is your favourite?

Photo credits: Steve Jurvetson, Ashley Buttle and osaMu

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