Someone Might Actually Build The 1,088 HP Croatian Electric Supercar

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We've written about Croatia's planned $980,000 electric Rimac Concept One supercar before, but with the same elbow-in-the-ribs skepticism rightly reserved for these endlessly rendered-yet-never built custom supercars. In our experience, about 1-in-600 ever gets made and the other 599 end up being part of some massive scam.


This video over at CNN Money says production is set to begin soon, and this week the concept apparently went to Salon Privé, one of the most prestigious car shows in Great Britain. Anyone actually see it?

The video shows the supercar pulling some electrically silent burnouts as Rimac Automobile owner Mate Rimac (who looks a bit like Kenny Powers) explains that he wanted to break from tradition with the concept. He says that the AWD concept is powered by an electric motor situated on each wheel. As we've reported before, the car has 1,088 hp, and a whopping how-is-that-possible, are-you-sure-that-isn't-a-typo 2,802 lb-ft of torque. He also claims that the batteries are good to travel about 370 miles.

Don't believe him? Well, that's your problem. He's Mate "Fucking" Rimac.

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2802 lb-ft of torque isn't ridiculous at all. It just sounds like it because the torque numbers for petrol cars are given at the crank, and not at the wheels...