Show Us Some Race Cars And Tow Vehicles With The Same Engine

I happened to see this picture of a Tempo Matador towing a one-off VW-based racing special, and aside from making me moan disgustingly with lurid desire, it got me thinking. Both those vehicles are using essentially the same engine. What other tow car/race car combinations are out there that share a common engine?


We've seen things like this before, like that VW Type II/Formula V car once driven by Hans Hermann, but that's another air-cooled VW example. I'm sure there's many more that are very, very different than that, so how about you intrepid autophiliacs show me some good ones? Wake my ass up and drag me out of my air-cooled ghetto into the wet world of radiators and V8s?

So, tow cars and racers with the same engine. Let's see what you've got.

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