Should A Ford Festiva Be Considered Terrible Enough To Win Index Of Effluency?

We've got something of a dilemma here at 24 Hours Of LeMons HQ: at this moment, a 1988 Ford Festiva is defying the odds and sitting at 29th place (out of 126).

Now, there's no argument that the tiny, 1,300cc Festiva is a truly effluent vehicle, but this one is only 21 years old and it wasn't built in Britain, Italy, France, the Soviet Union, or 1963 Detroit. Does Team Festivus have a shot at the coveted "most from the least" Index Of Effluency Award?


Meanwhile, the "No Fat Shiksas" Team Israel Opel GT, which gets around the track pretty well this time, is in 34th place... but this team has already won the IOE and is thus semi-ineligible to win it again so soon. After that, we've got the Black Knight Racing: It's Only A Flesh Wound Triumph TR7 in 46th place. The air-cooled Volkswagens all seem to be kaput, and the Gremlin appears to be deader than the AMC brand. Should we hand the prize to the British Leyland machine?


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