Shocking Video Shows Driver Plow Through Minneapolis Protest

Terrifying video from Minneapolis today, where a driver ran down a woman in a solidarity rally for Michael Brown, driving through an entire crowd of demonstrators.

The local Start Tribune witnessed the entire event, also caught on camera by KSTP, as seen above.


Around 4:30 pm today, the driver in his Subaru Outback began honking at protesters blocking an intersection near the Minneapolis Police Department's 3rd Precinct building, according to the Star Tribune.


The driver then tried to just go straight through the crowd, knocking over a number of people. One woman in red got pulled under the car her leg run over. As you can see in the video, demonstrators quickly rushed around and onto the car. This is when the Subaru takes off, knocking yet more people to the ground.

Demonstrators circled around the woman in red, hand in hand, until an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital. A Minneapolis police spokesman stated her injuries were very minor, as the Star Tribune reports.


Police actually apprehended the driver and are talking to him, as the Star Tribune claims, though he has not been put under arrest.

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