I don’t even want to try to parse out who was at fault for this wreck. That’s not really the point.

What’s gnarly is that the Miata driver suffered multiple fractures from the wreck but thankfully survived, as the YouTube uploader reports:

In the Group 7 Qualifying session, Leland Englebardt and Danny Steyn come together, sending Leland into the safety ARMCO barriers, that then launch him back onto the track. Leland suffered multiple fractures in the accident. The curbing could possibly launch a car over the ARMCO barriers into the crowds and I suggest that Watkins Glen seriously rethink this curbing


We often think about safety in racing coming down to the equipment racers bring to the track: roll cages, firesuits, HANS devices. But there’s also a huge question about safely designing the tracks themselves. Hopefully the Glen takes a serious look at the video to see if this is just a freak wreck, or if something needs a thorough reconstruction.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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