After making the fastest production car in the world, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, Shelby SuperCars is now planning to make the world's fastest electric car. The Ultimate Aero EV will be based on the company's current Aero, but with the 1183 HP V8 replaced by an electric powertrain. The electric driveline would consist of either a 500 HP electric motor, or a 1000 HP setup using a pair of motors, possibly driving all four wheels. So where are they gonna get the juice for that sort of power?


SSC claims they're working on a revolutionary power source that allows for up to several years between charging. We're assuming that they mean several years of actual use, and not just sitting around. Because, you know, we can put some fuel stabilizer in our car, park it, and not have to fill up for a while too. So, is this vaporware or soon-to-be-reality?

Jalopnik Snap Judgement: Everyone thought SSC was full of crap when the company announced they made the fastest car in the world, but it turns out they actually did. So maybe they really do have some tricks up their sleeve. We'll know more when the first prototypes roll out in February 2009. [Shelby SuperCars]

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