If you've ever longed for a new Chevy Corvette semi-permanently tattooed stem-to-stern with Sharpies to resemble Fred Durst's forearms, your wish has been granted by someone in the greater Indianapolis area. I am Jake's mid-life crisis.

Caught by a Jalopnik reader on July 4th, the tribal-emblazoned 'Vette was chillin' outside a Value City furniture store. To those who think this pinstriping-gone-wild was permanent, the passer-by was so gobsmacked he had to walk up and touch it, and "It rubbed off a little." Did you do that on your last visit to the Louvre, heathen?

Depending on the age and specific variety of permanent marker, this Corvette is either a simple cotton-ball and denatured alcohol bath away from normalcy, or will need the professional guidance of Mr. Scheib's guild to be restored. But let's be somewhat fair: unlike Dragon Vette, this customization took some considerable freehand skill.


This car does share one thing with Dragon Vette: Indiana residency. Are Hoosiers still so upset over the Pistons moving from Fort Wayne to Detroit in 1957 that they deface Corvettes in protest?


Hat tip to Drew!