A road may be a flat surface for transiting from place to place for most. But here are seven surreal pieces of road art reminding us it can be so much more.

Mr. & Mrs. Pump
These must be lawyers. Photo Credit: David Clow

Street Corner Living Room
This Dutch street scene is either a commentary on life in transit or an angry ex with a sense of humor. Photo Credit: Material Boy @ Flickr

Loch Ness Monster Crossing
We didn't realize Nessie was living in France, but a summer in Paris is just what it needed.


Deer Blind Towers
This series of Deer Blinds outside a Cabela's in Buda, Texas isn't intentionally surreal road art until the bicycle is added. Photo Credit: Chainsawpanda @ Flickr


Families Crossing
Seriously, they're in a hurry. Emsef @ Flickr

Traffic Barrel Monster
Have we mentioned how much we love the traffic barrel monster? Totally worth going to jail over.


Don't Mess With Their Ecosystem
Seriously, those Kangaroos are going to jack you up.
Photo Credit: Grilled Baby Pandas @ Flickr