Traffic Barrel Monster Creator Arrested

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NC State student Joseph Carnevale, the artist behind the Traffic Barrel Monster, has been arrested for stealing the barrels and "cutting and screwing them together to make a statue," which apparently is a misdemeanor in North Carolina.


Carnevale goes by the name "uliveuburn" and has been a fixture in the Raleigh-area street art scene for a while, notable for his creation of the Boylan Bridge Angry Man. Given the similar theme and creativity it didn't take the local police long to decide the 21-year-old is to blame. The total cost of the damage has been estimated at $360 and a court case is scheduled for July 21st. (H/T to Nerium, Ray) [WRAL, The Smoking Gun]


OK, here's my traffic cones story, which is titled, "Revenge of the Cones." One day I've got my transit set up over a nail on the section line in the centerline stripe of Curlew Road in Dunedin, Florida, a 22-foot wide asphalt strip with a statutory speed limit of 45 MPH and a de facto customary speed limit of 80. For "safety's" sake we had set out a few orange cones on either side to suggest to passing drivers, "Hey, how about not running over and killing that guy in the middle of the pavement? KTHX."

So this dude in a pickup with duallies on the back comes zooming down the road and proceeds to tag my cones with his rear-tire fender, sending them spinning across the lane. As I jump out of the way I yell, "Hey! &^%$#! You #%@^$%!, etc., etc." while he roars away, as surveyors (hotheads all) are wont to do when motorists attempt to assassinate them out upon the public roads. I whip the T-2 around to scope out his license plate, and as I am tracking this dipshit, he proceeds to drive up Curlew to the intersection of County Road 70, one half-mile to the West of my location, and what does he do there? why he makes a quick 180 and starts coming back my way.

Something about the body language of his truck told me that when he ran down my cones the first time it was not an accident but was instead a little bit of down home redneck self-amusement, so I yelled to my rod man, "Mother fucker's coming back to do it again! Quick! Gimme a concrete monument!" What that is is an orthogonal parallelepiped made of sturdy cast concrete with a rebar up the middle, about 4" x 4" x 24", which surveyors set in the ground to mark a property corner. They typically weigh about forty pounds each. A concrete monument happens to fit nicely underneath the standard DOT traffic cone.

Now when a goddam stupid redneck truck driver with duallies smacks a cone with the projecting fiberglass fender over his rear tires, generally the traffic cone takes off flying but the fender remains reasonably unscathed. But you place a forty-pound chunk of concrete under that cone, and BAM! ten thousand little shattered fiberglass bits go everywhere!