Warning: Anything you say will be held against you. As we saw, the amazing Tempo Matador is for sale. Asking price: $110,000. That is many clams. There is the "obo" caveat, but as Murilee points out, our best offer would be $3,000. No, only a Jay Leno type would be able to appreciate a choice ride like the Matador and shell out all those greenbacks. Not that it needs pointing out, but for that sorta scratch you can get some pretty fly rides. Like this 2007 Aston Marting V8 Vantage. Now we're asking you β€” if you magically got $110,000 would you buy one of the best looking Aston Martins ever made (which puts it in the running for best looking car ever made) or a mid-engined, front-wheel drive pickup truck with suicide doors?

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