In the words of Homer: Tramampoline! Trabopoline! Seriously, if one of you kind readers were to lend me $110,000 I'll make you the Commenter of the Day for a month. Hell, you can have my job! You know how Jezza makes fun of both Hammond and Porsche owners by mocking the way they talk about, "being one with the machine?" Well, what could be a more transcendent automotive experience than driving around with your feet on the gas tank and your ass on the engine? Exactly, nothing. Now I know that none of you have ever seen the Matador in person because of how rare they are. I also know that the pictures I took of it at the Volkswagen Classic don't do the truck justice considering that it's perhaps the best restoration ever pulled off by human kind. But puh-leeze believe me when I tell you that the Matador is hot! hot! hot! And that I deserve it. Email me for my paypal info. Thanks in advance. []