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From the alternative-fuels-going-wicked-fast department comes this 3,000 hp greasel Chevy pickup. Designed and built to run flat out for land speed racing the Silverado packs a V6 Detroit Diesel mounted amidships that huffs fuel peanut oil and air, first though a 8:71 blower at 35 psi and then through twin Schwitzer turbos running at 70 psi for 65 psi overall. The delicious, yet good-for-the-old-ticker peanut oil is force-fed into the engine via a top fuel dragster-style fuel pump at 300 psi. Final torque values register in the 6,000+ lb-ft range. The pickup rolls on shaved tires from a Boeing 747 out back, with some smaller Learjet versions in front for a target speed of 240 mph. Orange County Rod and Custom built the monster as a vehicle for the new Yahoo! Autos Green Center with full testing to commence at El Mirage in early November. French Fries were served up at the unveiling for the peanut oil tie-in. We hope they install an inline Hobart deep fryer for some funnel cake action out at El Mirage. [Gallery]

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